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The Anti-Salon | SWAG by Holly

The Anti-Salon


Everyone keeps talking about the Anti-Salon. What is it? Why is it so special? Why is everyone raving about this new culture created by Swag by Holly? 

The Anti-Salon is a new culture of beauty professionalism that gives women what they want and leaves out what they don’t. Salons have played a great roll and still have a strong place in our culture today, however for women juggling careers, kids, husbands, friends, and social functions the old salon setting isn’t always pleasant. The Anti- Salon creates a VIP setting similar to the private in home salons you would see in celebrity real estate show. It is a culture of one on one beauty where if you want you can crack open your lap top and get some peaceful work done, just center yourself in silence, or chat it up with Holly whatever you choose the focus is on you! We have eliminated the gossip, the drama, the room for mistakes by taking the focus on the high energy busy salon culture and refocus on YOU.

Why is it so special?

It is about you. You get pampered, and perfected like a celeb without paying the extra.

Why is everyone raving about this new culture created by Swag by Holly?

It’s never been done before. It’s something totally new. Before Swag by holly you had two choice: the salon or go to a hairdressers garage. Now SWAG by Holly offers you a solution to your beauty needs. Valuable and private so your beauty secrets remain a secret.

See how much fun we have at SWAG…


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