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SWAG SAYS: Pick Your Side! | SWAG by Holly

SWAG SAYS: Pick Your Side!

SWAG SAYS: Pick Your Side!



Sometimes something as simple as wearing your hair to one side, can drastically change your entire look. You expose more skin, draw more attention to your jaw line and neck and also showcase more of your gorgeous hair. This is a great way to change from day to night. So how does SWAG recommend you wear your hair to one side? We will tell you:

In the morning:

1. Find your good side, if you don’t know ask your stylist. Always expose your good side, not your bad.

2. Blow your hair out upside down using a paddle brush to get the roots as lifted as possible.

3. Flip your hair back up.

4. Throw in 5-10 hot rollers rolling to one side around your head and randomly on top.

5. Let them cool and drop them down.

6. Spray and set.

On your way to the party:

Head straight from the office to the party easily

1. Touch Up our ends with some non aerosol spray and scrunch them up.

2. Brush your hair away from your face and hold the brush in the back.

3. Spray that hair with spray in place.

4. Use your hands to push the rest over.

5. If needed put a  bobbi pin at your hairline underneath to secure the other side over.


You are ready to rock!

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