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Perfect Blonde: Taylor Swift. | SWAG by Holly

Perfect Blonde: Taylor Swift.

Perfect Blonde: Taylor Swift.

Taylor-Swift_2399926aSay what you want about her music, Taylor Swift is the epitome of a blonde bombshell! Her soft waves and perfect blonde is what every 30 some career blonde should be striving for. Ditch those grey green ashy tones and move into a true gold. Nothing says “I am powerful” like a strong fringe, but soften it out with a long loose haircut and it’s the perfect balance between sassy and sultry.

Here’s How SWAG by Holly can give you this look:

1. Root shade with a high shine gold base.

2. Add highlights inside the hair lengths that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

3. Gloss all over with High Shine Golden blonde and finishing it with a celophane.

4. Point cut soft loose layers leaving the lengths out.

5. Shaping in a strong fringed below the brow.

6. Blow out with B&B Prep and Volume Mousse.

7. Wrap random ends around the curling iron avoiding mids or roots.

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